International organizations with a stake in zero carbon energy policy

UN_flagsUN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
The Paris Agreement, UN climate action programs, and news.
International Energy AgencyInternational Energy Agency (IEA)
An autonomous organization at the centre of global energy policy. It provides authoritative statistics, analysis and recommendations to its 29 member countries and to the international community.
IEA Policy DatabaseIEA Policy Database
A listing of policies and measure to address climate change and advance the transiton to low-carbon energy, volutarily submitted and updated by over 100 countries.
Clean Energy MinisterialClean Energy Ministerial (CEM)
A global forum of energy ministers promoting clean energy transition. The 23 participating CEM governments account for 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 90 percent of global clean energy investment.
Nuclear plantWorld Nuclear Association
Over 150  firms involved in all aspects of the industry – from uranium mining to electricity generation to waste disposal. Everything you wanted to know about nuclear energy but were afraid to ask.
Sean KidneyClimate Bonds Initiative
An international, investor-focused non-profit organisation dedicated to mobilizing the >$100 trillion bond market to finance climate change solutions.
Paul SimpsonCDP
CDP helps investors and policy makers reach sustainability goals by collecting and reporting environmental information regarding operations and supply chains volunteered by private and public sector entities worldwide.
Renewable Energy MapGlobal Atlas for Renewable Energy
A searchable, interactive map of renewable energy resources worldwide. Includes overlays such as population density, topography, local infrastructure, land use and protected areas. A project coordinated by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

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